Coping With Menopause

Whoever said life ends at forties or with menopause? As the senior citizens and they will tell you that life really begins after menopause. Many women feel free and released from the monthly menstrual cycles and enjoy their newfound freedom. However for many women menopause is a stage that calls for quite a bit of suffering and psychological as well as physical changes. Onset of menopause can begin anytime after 40 years of age.

Menopause is signaled by hormonal changes in the body and the resultant reactions as well as changes in the menstrual flow and cycle. Many women who are not fully aware of menopause and its effects are bound to get confused and bewildered with whatever is happening to them.


One of the most common conditions that signal the onset of menopause is the hot flushes. Women tend to feel extremely hot and break into a sweat several times during the day. Each hot flush attack leaves one feeling sweaty and sticky as well as uncomfortable. When women have severe hot flush problem, it can hamper their work life and social life too. They turn extremely sensitive to weather and heat. Hot flushes can last for quite a number of years.

Doctors advise healthy diet and advise patients to increase their liquid intake. Keeping away from aerated soft drinks, caffeine and sugars is better. One should choose one’s dress with care and ensure that the dress worn is loose, comfortable and airy. It is advisable to carry a change of cloth in the bag at all times. Women are also advised to be seated near a fan at all times in order to avoid feeling hot. With the stopping of menstrual cycles, hot flushes too will weaken and eventually stop.

Many women complain of vaginal dryness after menopause. This is but natural and if the problem were to aggravate, one can use a suitable lubricant with the advice of the medical practitioner.

Menopause brings with it lot of physical and behavioral changes too. With hormonal changes taking place within the body, women tend to get hysterical or face mood swings too. Many women become over sensitive or irritable and the chances of depression too are much higher during this period. Some women find it difficult to get sound sleep and their pattern of behavior too changes. One other effect of menopause in most women is that they tend to put on a lot of weight especially on the hips and abdomen region.

Dealing with menopause calls for understanding what is happening and changing one’s lifestyle in accordance with doctor’s advice. Women will need to change their diet, add additional nutrition and vitamin supplements to their daily dosage as well as increase their physical activity. Managing menopause becomes easier when one is able to balance one’s work and life, remain physically and mentally very active and follow a nutritious diet. Apart from these, the emotional support from family too plays an important part in this phase. An understanding and supportive partner and children as well as support from friends and siblings can help the woman sail through this life changing process and come out looking forward to the next phase of life and enjoy every moment to its fullest best.